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Thursday, March 19, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 7:08 PM Comments

First-Aid to the victims of accident of different types viz. road traffic accident,fire and drowning etc. is a life-saving measure and a fortunate few only get it.
So we call it A,B.C and if not given then D.
A---Airway cleaning. And it is the first in the hierarchy.Air way i.e. throat of the accident victim if clogged with blood ,saliva,mud or shoot from burn or any other substances should be cleaned thoroughly so that the victim can take respiration and choking of airway is prevented. This is because a person may not survive more than 3 minutes without oxygen.
B---Next thing is breathing .If not taking respiration artificial respiration in form of mouth to mouth should be started till respiration is established.
C---Next comes circulation.That means external bleeding should be secured as far as practicable in form of applying pressure bandages.And in suitable situations placing an intravenous line.
D--- If these aspects are not looked into the patient may land in DEATH making US responsible for it.
To-day especially in urban area many do not do any thing seeing an accident victim for many reasons and one being police hassle. I read somewhere that there is a law in China that the commuters must act in such situation or else liable for prosecution.But in Our country India much is done on humanitarian ground.I think police has a role in educating the people about flexible legal provisions in case of accidents.
As regards treatment according to The Apex court ruling any hospital including private ones has to manage these patients even though the patient has no money at that time to pay.

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