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Friday, July 17, 2009

Appendicular Lump

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 5:30 AM 2 comments

Arteries of cecum and vermiform process.The slender ,hanging structure is appendix

Poor, most of the time bear the brunt of disease aggression.One of the serious complications of appendicitis is appendicular lump.After an acute attack if not treated adequately (without Surgery) body tries to contain the infection.In the process the near by intestine and omentum try to isolate the infected appendix by surrounding it from all the sides and in the process a mass or lump is formed in side the abdomen to be felt from lower abdomen.This may in turn progress to abscess (collection of pus) formation,perforation of apendix and even infection of blood called septicemia.

Acute Appendicitis An exemplary case of acute ...Infected appendix

These patients are usually treated conservatively as surgery at this stage is riskier. But still if the lump progresses the conservstive treatment is abandoned in favor of intervention (Surgery).Again here it may not be possible for the surgeon to treat for cure of disease .He has to amelorate the potentially grave situation and defer a definitive surgery to a later date.

All these carry risk for the patient.And in this part of India there are poor people who do not have any other option rather than to accept the situation.They come late because of various reasons.One important aspect being their financial status.Initially they they expect this pain in abdomen may not be severe and go away automatically,better to wait rather than to go to a doctor and spend money which is a wastage .That amount can be used to feed themselves.But in the long run when it aggravates they even sell all their property to get treated.
Treatment facilities in terms of man power and infrastructure is lacking in this part .Added to it is the high pricing of drugs and indifferent attitude of Govt. service providing agencies compels the poor to sit at home expecting auto cure , go to quack or indulge in folk remedies.

This grim situation should improve to claim that India is a welfare state.

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