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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Powerhouse Of Body

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:30 AM Comments

The chemical structure of w:adenosine triphosp...Adenosine Triphosphate

There is power crisis everywhere.Every state and scientists are trying hard to add power to their existing capacity.So there is Bio-diesel,Solar power,Wind power,Power from oceanic waves,Hydro power,Nuclear power ,Thermal power and so much and so forth.Obviously power houses must be there to materialize this.Sometimes some peculiar thoughts prevail me ,for example will it be possible to go on a long drive and put some sort of metal abundantly available on the road side and get power. Another strange source of power I was thinking long back will it be possible get your vehicles powered by urine.And in a strange coincidence I think some time back a bulletin was there probably in a newspaper that Hydrogen from urine can be used to fuel vehicles.Now I wonder whether actually that was an article or I was dreaming.I am not sure.But it is possible.Has anyone read it anywhere ? I think when I shall complete writing this post Zemanta will find it out for me.
So body must have power house to generate power and supply energy to fuel different functions.And it has.Oh Zemanta has already found it out.I could see it on my right side, the reference.Please go through it.We get most of power by burning glucose and secondly fat.Glucose burners are somewhat like thermal power generators .They use coal and body uses glucose. These power house of body are mostly located in the muscle celled called Mitochondria.They generate what is called ATP( Adenosine Triphosphate ) .ATP convert to ADP in the process of releasing energy.
In a resting state of muscle i.e.Limited exercising muscle mitocondrias are in numbers just as much as required to generate the power need of body.Their number increases when a muscle group exercise regularly.Regularly I mean their should not be long intervals in term of many days between exercise spells. Five to four days a week means regular .Rest of one or two days in a week for muscles is also required for the repair from wear and tear they sustain from continuous work.Long intervals of rest for muscle get them back to the resting state and reduce the number of power houses in them.And that is why diabetics on life style modification will get back the raised blood sugar level again.Of course once exercise is resumed the number of mitochondria will increase again.
Exercise performed in whatever form should be continuous in nature to get best result out of it at least for the diabetics.

Cut section of Mitochondria
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