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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 1:23 PM Comments

Diabetes mellitus is systemic disease with far reaching adverse effect on all most all the systems of body. More often  diabetics get foot ulcers and if neglected ,end up in loosing the foot.Diabetic foot care is a vast subject for discussion.Here are only the gists. Diabetes especially  if un-controlled/under controlled, invariably affects the nervous system and vascular system.When the nerves carrying sensation are affected the patient does not get pain from a trivial/un-noticed injury and remains un-noticed.If the blood supply system is also affected less/no blood reaches near the wound affecting the healing. It may grow  out of proportion and culminate in loss of the part.
So it is advised  to prevent the process first by (1) adequate control of blood sugar.(2) Use of fitting and soft foot wear(ill- fitting shoes cause friction and may lead to ulceration) even in the residence.(3) Careful enough to see, if there is any loss of sention in foot preferably each night while going to bed.(4) Also inspecting for un-noticed trivial injuries if any.(5) Washing  the foot before going to bed with luke worm water removes dirt.
Last but not least taking early help of doctor if one is detected.

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