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Thursday, April 23, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:58 AM Comments

Generally speaking heart attack means assault on it's muscles.Heart can be thought as a muscular pump,maintaining blood circulation throughout the body providing nutrition and oxygen .The heart also get supply from it's own blood vessels to survive and function.Due to various reasons importantly blockade to it's blood vessels, may be partial or complete, deprives it of the oxygen and other things.This blocked most commonly occurs due to deposition of bad fat on it's wall called atherosclerosis . This causes heart muscles to scream for oxygen and nutrition and may progress to death of a portion it, called myocardial infarction.The symptoms experienced are in form of some sort of squeegeeing sensation of chest more towards left,severe to milder pain in left lower chest which may seem traveling to neck,arm, upper abdomen and right side of chest.Patient may be sweating, fainting,vomiting and laboring to take respiration.Patient may go to immediate shock and even death instantaneously.More often patient becomes breathless on accustomed exertion, a common warning sign not to be ignored.Immediate rush to the local doctor in the first place instead of searching for expert may save life and lessen the damage .

The message is that the local doctor is the savior

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