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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


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In India many skip breakfast for various reasons.Ladies specially skip it with a plea that they are busy in household work.These persons many a times suffer from gall bladder stone,obesity and diabetes.
   After the over night fasting ,in the morning body needs energy to start the day's work.The gall bladder stores and concentrates bile.Bile secretion is stimulated by intake of food and particularly mixed with fatty food.During the night as there  is a fasting state and it remains stored.When one takes breakfast it is empties to mix with the food to help in digestion of food particularity fats.Skipping breakfast keeps the stored bile for longer period of time and in the long run it may get infected to form particulates on the bacterias initiating stone formation.Also it is likely that the concentrated bile is prone for particle formation as such.That bile to fat ratio must remain within normal range.
   Skipping breakfast prompt the individual for interval eating which may fall to a habit ending up in excessive food intake as well as calorie. This in is tern reflected in making the individual obese and the chain reaction of diabetes,hypertension and the kidney diseases etc.

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   So it is ideal to start the day with a good balanced breakfast.In our part it is told that 'take the breakfast like a prince,lunch like a king and night meal like a beggar'.But here there is rise in incidence of gall bladder stone disease because the saying is seldom followed.


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