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Saturday, May 9, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 8:53 PM Comments

Usually a man after forty comes to the hospital writhing in pain, leaning forward to get some relief and complaining of inability to pass urine for sometime (Retention of urine).Most commonly is suffering from bladder outlet obstruction in form of enlarged prostate.Prostate is an organ situated just below the outlet of urinary bladder.After age of forty when all other organ function recede this organ used to grow in size.This causes obstruction to passage of urine.Many a times the beginning of it's growth has been warned earlier in form of frequent night urinations,desire to pass urine urgently, a few drops of urine escaping before finding a suitable place to micturate,inability to hold urine if required and long patient waiting time to pass urine  etc.
  If a male person is facing these difficulties should get examined for disease of prostate which is more frequently an innocent enlargement to at times a cancerous one.This is very acurately diagnosed by an ultrasonography.Among  blood sample examinations, prostate specific antigen is most important.X-Rays examination of bones are also done to exclude malignat deposits.For innocent ones treatment options varies from medical to surgical depending upon the patient's fitness and a host of other factors.But nice treatment is possible. Maligant prostate also can be managed satisfactorily as the condition is very slow progressing one.
Enlarged prostate

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