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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 8:14 PM Comments

Exercise generates heat in the body and it is cooled off by sweating.My place being a coastal area there is a lot of humidity resulting in excessive sweating .That causes a lot of  water and salt loss from body.There has been a number of suggestions for pre and post exercise rehydration drinks.I follow a very simple, priceless as well as healthy drink.As I do, early morning exercise is very good as pollution level is low and morning ultra-violet rays help in synthesis of Vit.D.I start walking after taking about 500ml.of plain water.After a brisk walk of 50 minutes I again take 300 ml of plain water  and go for a weight bearing exercise at home for 10 minutes .There after I drink 750 ml. of water to which added a pinch of common salt and juice extracted from a slice of lemon. That effectively fills up my water need.Additionally some can add about 10 grms. of glucose, if not diabetic. There after I take a cup of tea and sprouting green gram .Breakfast is taken a little later and I am ready for hospital.

Lemon WaterImage by ex.libris via Flickr
Glass of Lemon WaterImage by MEL810 via Flickr,A glass of lemon water
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