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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 4:52 AM Comments

In this materialistic world everybody runs and runs .We all are exhausted in the long run.Rest the word is long forgotten as well as entertainment. Body being a machine consisting of blood ,flesh and bone etc. requires rest as well.In the busy life style body accumulates a lot of toxic substances one being free oxygen radical. This one is potentially harmful if not scavenged.Body has it's own mechanism to tackle this but rest is the main factor for it.Proper food contains factors called antioxidants to scavenge this.Proper foods,I mean a balanced diet enriched with green vegetables,red/dark skinned/rich colored fruits and sprouts etc.
Rest means adequate sleep and that rejuvenates body by eliminating harmful toxic by-products of metabolism and the free radical scavengers viz.Vit-C,E,A and trace elements like selenium help in this process.

Grapes,carrots,sprouts,mango and even dark vegetables contain a lot of antioxidants.Marketed preparations are available but why not get it from food.

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