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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


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Measles a communicable disease spreading in air from the patient, usually affects children below 5 ears of age.Begins as symptoms of common cold or flu without a clue to the disease in particular.Around 5th day of fever patient develops rashes first behind the ear ,inside the mouth on on cheek mucosa and gradually spreads to chest and trunk.Patient feels great prostration due to high fever.The characteristic rashes are diagnostic.It may subside without much problem but may become dangerous.The main complications are bleeding from the conjunctiva,respiratory infection,diarrhea ,pancreatitis and   much dreaded encephalitis.Here patient has to be hospitalised and treated in isolation.Outcome may become fatal sometimes.
Good vaccine coverages is available in single or in combination and should be given around the age of 9 to 11 months.In India measles vaccine is a part of Universal Immunization Programme and provided  free. Sometimes some adverse reaction do occur after the immunization and baby should be observed at least for two hours after immunization for immediate reaction.
Sometimes measles may affect the immunized but in that case it is in much of it's minor form called abortive measles. 
Maintainance   of cold chain is the key to successful immunization.But in India measles do occur may be for non immunization of babies for various reasons.
So prevention is better than cure.

Measles. This child shows a classic day-4 rash...Image via Wikipedia
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