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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:30 AM Comments

Cranial nerve VII 7Course of Facial Nerve

Sometimes after an exposer to cold and/or after a session of drinking it is marked in the next morning, face is twisted to one side and while washing face water comes out of mouth automatically with inability to blow air out .
Probably the person is suffering from
Facial nerve palsy/Bell's palsy of one side.As the nerve comes out from brain stem through a path in the skull bone behind the ear it may get trapped in the bony canal and get partially paralyzed called palsy.Face twists to the opposite side of palsy as facial muscles of affected side can not oppose the dragging action of muscles of healthy side.As a result healthy side drags the face to it's side to cause the deformity.
But it is usually a self limiting disease gets cured by medical treatment. Sometimes this nerve may get involved in Herpes,damaged during a parotid surgery and involved in a cerebral stroke.
Avoiding driving in a cold weather in unprotected exposed head will prevent this benign discomfort to a larger extent.

Man with Bell's palsyBell.s Palsy of Left side.

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