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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:31 AM Comments


Paraphimosis mostly seen in children and adolescents .When a phimosed i.e. non retractile prepuce of penis though tight yet yields to forcible retraction and not reduced acts as a constricting ring behind the glans.This obstructs the return of fluid from from the distal part of penis.The ring swells and exerts increasing pressure to return of fluid and gives rise to a grotesque appearance. It is painful and requires medical attention.The prepuce has to be reduced after relieving the constricting ring of skin.May require a formal circumcision but better defered if there is a lot of oedema in that part.
Recently I came across an article in "The Times of India" which says circumcision prevents Cancer of penis,HIV and Herpes infection in persons undergone circumcision in very early life as stated by the researchers.I had also seen similar news sometime back in a news paper.As per book it has been seen that cancer of penis is very rarely seen in Jews who undergo circumcision in very early childhood as a custom.It is definitely not known what prevents this. More research has to be undertaken to reach in the conclusion of circumcision can prevent HIV.

Diagram of the arteries of the penis.BLOOD FLOW TO AND FRO IN PENIS

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