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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 9:42 PM Comments

plexiform neurofibromaImage via Wikipedia
Small discrete hard nodules  beneth the skin is a common finding for which patients approach me.They are sometimes more than one and of varied size ,movable,hard and painless.Though usually found in the skin can occur anywhere in the body .
These are benign tumours of nerve sheath called Neurofibroma. Multiple neurofibromas may me seen in some called Vonrecklinghousen's disease.Treatment is not at all satisfactory .If a superficially placed neurofibroma grows to a large size it needs to be surgically removed.But sometimes they occur at critical places causing pressure symptoms to the neighbourhood and has to be carefully removed.

Neurofibromatosis plexiform neurofibromaImage via Wikipedia
Generally their presence is non-consequencial  .They are to be observed for change in size and development of pain.Very rerely may turn malignant .
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