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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:28 PM 2 comments

Cancer cervix of uterus seen mostly in elderly ladies.It is a treatable cancer if detected early.Whitish watery discharge, post menopausal bleeding and thereafter pain back are some of the symptoms of it.But are usually late.The disease occurs from bad hygiene,multiple child birth and as a result of papilloma and herpes virus infection apart from other causes.These aforesaid causes can be treated leading to a step in preventing the disease.At present screening tests base upon taking out scrapping of  the cells from cervix and examining what is called PAP smear.Also can be tested for the presence of virus but has not been performed in large scale.Recently a DNA test is coming up. After screening test the patient is subjected to cone biopsy of cervix and a host of other imaging studies for conformation of disease and planning of treatment.
Now researchers say ladies can be vaccinated against Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) so that immunity develops and a fraction of disease can be prevented in this way.Maintaining hygiene which is not practiced in India very much mainly due to poverty. and limiting child birth will also go a long way in preventing a further chunk of this disease.
So early detection through the srreening tests and the preventive  
measures will save or enhance the quality of life of these victims.  

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Anonymous said...

Wondering if any obligatory tests for prostate cancer exist.
Asking if this is possible. It must be. Doesn't it. So many men fall ill by it.

drppanda said...

Tests To detect Carcinoma are 1)Clinical Test.2)Blood ESR 3)X-Rays
Specific Tests 1)Ultrasonogram 2)Prostate Specific Antigen 3)Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology 4)MRI 5)CT Scanning.6) Nuclcear Imaging.Etc.
By Far We rely on Clinical examination,X-Rays,Prostate Specific Antigen ,Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology and MRI.

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