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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Finger Clicks on Clinching Fist

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 8:08 PM Comments

trigger finger
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There is a clicking sound while clinching fist and pain along a finger of hand. This is a sort of spot the diagnosis for medical persons. This is a condition involving flexor tendons of fingers. There are tunnels and tendon pulleys in the fingers, made up of collagen/fibrous tissue .The tendon pulleys pass through the tunnels and work to flex the fingers while forming a fist. If the tunnels constrict or the pulleys thicken they can not pass smoothly and while passing along the deformed part it passes with a clicking sound .And hence earns the name Trigger Finger. If it progresses at one stage the pulley does not pass, so the finger can not be bent.
Trigger finger
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It may occur as a part of a collagen disease or without a specific cause. At the preliminary stage I advice the patient for physiotherapy under warm saline water. It relieves of the symptoms many a times. If not I infiltrate local steroid and lastly go for surgery to release the tendon pulley .The surgery gives immediate success. Under a local anaesthesia and skin crease incision the constricting portion is divided to release the tendon .Antibiotics and rest prescribed for some time.After removal of sutures a physiotherapy is advised.    

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