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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Menopausal Woman & Osteopoosis

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 8:41 AM Comments

Illustrated cross-section of an activated oste...Activated Osteoclast.
Breaking of the thigh bone & vertebrae especially in post-menopausal woman are seen more often in comparison to males of that age.Though rarification of bone called Osteoporosis plays a role it is not absolute cause in my opinion.Several panic buttons are triggered and volumes written about prevention of bone breakage in menopausal ladies.Those are worth reading .

   Osteoporosis occurs in those ladies who lead a sedentary life style.I have perhaps never seen a fracture of thigh bone in ladies who work in the field in my village. Some cases are seen in the urban set up.

{{Gray's Anatomy plate|Osteoblasts and osteocl...Osteoblasts ,Osteoclasts & Bone Modeling.

   Osteoporosis occurs in the later life due to excessive activity of bone resorbing cells  called osteoclasts and decreased activity of bone forming osteoblasts probably due to decreased or weaning female hormone  activity.Add to it are Vit.D deficiency,lack of exercise and less dietary calcium intake.If some drugs like steroids are being taken for some disease that enhances osteoporosis  .Associated kidney diseases contributes to it.

From :en:Gray's Anatomy.Head & Neck Of Femur,A Common Site Of Fracture.

   So different articles describe drugs those halt bone resorption and female hormone therapy for it.Female hormone supplementation has it's inherent problems of vaginal bleeding,facilitation of breast and liver benign tumor formation .And drugs targeting inhibition of osteoclasts are costly.
BATH, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 05:  HRH Camilla, Duc...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

     In this setting a few tests described such as Bone Mineral Density (BMD) and Bone Mass Index(BMI) are worth to be taken up.But the abnormality if any should not panic one for searching of drug remedy.Because an osteoporotic bone may not necessarily fragile.
   Therefore it is necessary to take adequate weight bearing exercise,Vit.D,exposure to sunlight especially morning,nutritional supplementation for calcium and avoid unnecessary  use of drugs those contribute to osteoporosis.
   After trying all of the above one may opt for drugs those halt osteoporosis in consultation with their doctor.There are also some phyto-remedies available where it is claimed to contain phyto-estrogen without much side effects.Experienced people must be consulted to continue those.

Purple sprouting broccoliSprouting Broccoli Good For Health.

But the fact remains is that life style modification goes a long way in preventing bone break.

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