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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Right lower Abdominal Pain In Young Lady -2

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:20 PM 1 comments

An ovary about to release an egg.An Ovary About Release an Egg.
Abdominal pain that to right lower abdomenal and again in young ladies poses much difficulty as well as ease.It commonly confuses with appendicitis.Last time we had a post on ruptured ectopic pregnancy a differential diagnosis of appendicitis and how it could be distinguished .Another common cause of such type of pain is pain in the mid-menstrual cycle i.e. pain around 14 days before beginning of menstruation.It is called Mittelschmerz.
 This occurs due to rupture of follicular cyst during ovulation   associated with some amount of bleeding to the pelvic cavity.So, if it occurs in the right side confuses with appendicitis.Main distinguishing point is it's typical mid-cycle timing ,a negative pregnancy test and absence of typical rigidity in the right lower abdomen.
  Again it can be confirmed from a sonogram .It does not require much treatment except some analgesics and reassurance.Some times it repeats in some ladies.    
Mark potential are of ectopic pregnancy.Image via Wikipedia
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Lower Abdominal Pain said...

4 weeks I've being having symptoms of Lower Abdominal Pain along with constant urine, and sometimes irregularity. I was I little distressed at first,so then I thought about giving it a some days to see if it would go away. after one week I had my period and I said to myself that it was Premenstrual syndrome, or hormonal change. Now My period is gone and I still have the symptoms. Even though it is still on and off I am starting to get distressing, bcoz this is different from the symptoms I had before and I have then for 3 weeks already.

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