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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tips to Prevent Shoulder Dislocation

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:31 PM Comments

Luxation de l'épaule (radiographie) Shoulder d...An X-Rays Image of Shoulder Dislocation 

The stability of shoulder joint has been compromised for the range and varieties of movements, those are possible there. Most of the dislocations are seen in this joint; about 45%, and about 90% are anterior dislocations; the rest are posterior. As the joint is not well protected by bony structures, muscles and ligaments; the incidence of anterior dislocation is much more. It occurs in an out stretched and outwardly rotated arm; a position in which the joint is least supported. So, shoulder dislocation is mostly seen in the sportsman. Therefore, the position as mentioned above should be avoided especially in the case of recurrent dislocations. I reduce anterior dislocation in an arm traction by weight in a face down sleeping position; under sedation; the Stimson’s method. I find it much convenient method for me and also for the patient; as the set up can be arranged very quickly as a day care procedure; and patient walks away soon after the procedure as no general anesthesia is administered; so also the inherent side effects of general anesthesia are avoided.
A little careful movement of the limb will prevent this dislocation and associated pain from that; which is much severe. Still, there will be some cases of this dislocation attracting an emergency attention.
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