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Friday, January 29, 2010

What are the Benefits of Sex

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 12:26 PM Comments

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Sex is a basic biological need of human; why only human, all the animals. It may be only second to food. In Hindi cinema, there was a dialogue of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in a film which goes like this; “Whatever, I am doing it is first for the stomach and next for the thing below it”. So, sex is so powerful an instinct. The need of sex has given rise holy institutions like marriage, unsafe institutions like prostitution, crimes like rape and incest; and many wars all over the world from the time immemorial. There are certain benefits of sex on the both partners.Sex is a very good exercise, if practiced for a longer period. It prevents accumulation of fat, tones up and tunes up the body. There is increased consumption of calories due to increased respiration rate and physical activity. Healthy sex is to be practiced at least for two to three times in a week.It is a very good sedative, giving uninterrupted night’s sleep. The exertion gives good sleep. Relief of tension also contributes to it. It is also a tension reliever.

It prevents cancer of prostate. The way it prevents cancer of prostate is not clear, but may be due to release of seminal fluid at regular intervals.
It increases the emotional bond between the partners and keeps relation intact. It also confers security.
Sex is the most chosen form for reproduction and medium for propagation of progeny.
The exercise naturally comes after sex helps in prevention of obesity and related diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and breast cancer in female.

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