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Monday, February 22, 2010

Features and Management of Prostate Infection

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Fundus of the bladder with the vesiculæ seminales.Image via Wikipedia

Men suffer from prostate infection mostly as a part of urinary tact infection. Prostate; a sex gland in male, surrounds the initial part of urethra; where it commences from the urinary bladder and is chest-nut shaped; consisting of fibrous, muscular and glandular elements. It is communicated with the urethra and secretes a fluid rich in fructose and other ingredients during sex act; probably to nourish and facilitate the sperm migration. It may sometimes get infected by the bacteria from the infected urine of urinary tract infection (UTI).
Infection of the prostate is called prostatitis.
It may cause:
Pain in the anterior part of anus,
Fever with chill and rigors,
Sometimes blood in the seminal fluid
Passage of mucous threads per urethra especially in the morning during defecation.
It can be diagnosed by per rectal digital examination of prostate; which is painful to the palpating finger, may feel swollen and irregular. Pus may be seen coming out, if prostate is massaged a little during the digital examination.
An ultrasonogram is an invaluable tool in the diagnosis as well as the semen analysis. A culture and sensitivity test of urine is to be performed to find out the exact antibiotic requirement.
Little prolonged antibiotic treatment may be required along with daily prostatic massage to expel out the contents. It will invariably contain the infection and cure the patient.
Sometimes, it may become chronic; and sometimes, an abscess forms in the prostate. Prostatic abscess may need to be drained.
Prostatitis is invariably a very painful condition and sometimes simulates a perianal abscess. Careful history taking and rectal examination will clinch the diagnosis.

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