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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Essential Firefox Browser Addons for a Blogger

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 3:01 PM Comments

Blogger requires some assistance in form of gathering suitable images to complement posting of an article. Also important is other similar articles the reader might be interested in. These two tasks are fulfilled by Zemanta a firefox addon. It automatically suggests labels, other reference articles, one’s own articles and images in the real time basis; those can be embedded with a click. It can be accessed from here.

Sometimes, Zemanta may fall short as regards images and video, which can be fulfilled by Apture. Apture can find out images and video according to the need. Add from here.

Clipmarks is a very good addon for clipping a relevant portion of an article published online and can help to blog it in blogger and/or wordpress. It can be accessed from here.

Amplify, first came into existence for amplifying a portion of a web article with the comment of the clipper; now has been giving platform for blogging. It simultaneously posts the article to Facebook, Twittter, Myspace and some other social networking sites. Recently, it has added posting of short thoughts. Access here.

Yoono is a very good addon which, when activated can post any web page to nearly five networking sites. This can be added from here.

Addthis, is also very helpful in posting articles from the URL, as it locates itself in the address bar of the browser. It can be added from here.

Another very good addon is Onlywire. Here one has to open an account there and put the button in the blog, either in the side bar or in the footer of the post. One has to configure the sites he wants to post his article in onlywire web site; and those are remembered there. And, with one click of the button the article is posted to several places. Of course, one has to finalize the posting to some sites requiring more authentications. Get it here.

There can be several others, but I found these to be essential.

One may open the firefox browser,
Go to Tools and click,

~see the drop down menu,
Go to~ addons,

Write the name of the addon, search and add

Now you can enjoy the ease of posting and campaigning your article.

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