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Monday, April 19, 2010

Robotic Physiotherapist on Development

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 6:47 AM Comments

Patients, after suffering from a brain stroke, often require long term physiotherapy to regain near normal functions of paralyzed limbs. Here comes the role of physiotherapist. It is good to know that robot is going to replace man.
In India, patient's relatives usually perform the role after learning it from experts.
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Robot trainer benefits stroke patients - study

Intensive therapy using a robot has helped patients improve arm movement years after having a stroke, according to a US study.
Study participant
Robots for stroke therapy are also being tested in the UK
The New England Journal of Medicine reported that many patients had improved quality of life.
UK stroke experts said the advance was "exciting" but added that robots were still at early stages of development.
Strokes can leave people with long-lasting disability, which can include limited movement and weakness in upper limbs.
Intensive therapy, starting as soon as possible after the stroke, is the recommended way to maximise the amount of movement recovered.
However, providing the physiotherapist needed for at least a hour per patient per day places large demands on the NHS.
The Brown University trial tested a device called the MIT-Manus, specifically designed to help exercise the upper limbs.
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