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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thread Worm Infestation May Recur

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 12:28 PM 1 comments

Thread worm is a tiny bug, a helminth, whitish to grayish white in color, visible to naked eye; infests the gut of human. It is transmitted through feco-oral route and through direct penetration of skin of foot, seen mainly in under developed and developing countries, where sanitation is poor.
These bugs reside in the intestine, feed on the host. They may cause anemia, malnutrition, and itching of body, anus and vagina; may also be responsible for some cases of appendicitis.
The larvae of these helminthes enter through the foot migrating from soil, and eggs enter the body through contaminated food and drink. They reside in the intestine, mature to adult worm and migrate to the anal region to lay eggs. That is the tricky point in treatment and relapse of this infestation, enterobiasis.

They come to anal skin for the purpose of laying eggs at night and their movement causes itching in the anal region and external genitalia, in case of ladies. Inadvertent scratching brings eggs to the nail fold and then they may again find their way to mouth and re-infest; and the cycle repeats itself. After laying eggs they again ascend to the gut, their natural habitat. During these process of laying eggs, eggs stick to the under garments, and may regain access to the alimentary tract in an upward journey after hatching to larvae. The eggs in these under garments make the trick of re-infestation even after full course of treatment.

The only advice here required in addition to drug treatment is to get rid of these eggs in the garments. The patient should be advised to hot press the under garments after cleaning or use hot water in washing the clothes, of course, if suitable for the nature of fabric; after taking the drug.

This advice is mostly not given by the health care personnel, and that is why re-infestation is common in thread worm infestation. Another invaluable piece of advice is to use toilet and not to go bare footed.

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