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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Billion Hearts Beating

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An example of a heart attack, which can occur ...Image via Wikipedia
This is the organ, which works relentlessly along with respiration. It beats in an average 72times/min. in an adult. Main fuel it uses is fat. It gets nutrition from the blood vessels supplying it, called coronary arteries.
To keep the heart beating perfectly one should go for some safe practices.
Lifestyle modification, if following a sedentary life;
Dietary modification;
  • More fiber, less refined sugar, more complex carbohydrate, optimum amount of protein, good oil (repeatedly heated good oils also loose the beneficial effects), fruits and vitamins. More precisely called Mediterranean diet.
  • Less salt in diet; not more than 2.5grms/day.What is precisely called DASH i.e. dietary approach to stop hypertension.
  • Control diseases like sore throat in children, which may lead to rheumatic arthritis and heart disease in future.
  • Abstain from alcohol ( Red wine may be beneficial, but not recommended as a preventive method, but, if already in habit may continue)
  • Abstain from tobacco products in any form.
  • Control of hypertension and diabetes, if suffering from.
  • Regular lipid profile check up and controlling it to a satisfactory level (HDL, high density lipoproteins are good for heart).
  • Refrain from stress and strain (More night shift duty is linked to cardiac events). Relaxation is a must.
  • Taking drugs regularly for control of diseases like hypertension, kidney disease and diabetes,
  • Keep minimum drugs like aspirin at home, which is helpful in event of an unexpected heart attack. Report to your house physician first in such an event.
Pain in acute myocardial infarction (front)Image via Wikipedia
Be aware of the symptoms of heart attack and angina, like;
  • Pain in left side chest or shortness of breath following  unaccustomed exertion.
  • Pain in left front side of chest with/without radiation to neck, back, upper abdomen, right side, left arm and neck etc. Constant discomfort in upper abdomen in absence of stomach problem.
  • Pain as above with;
  1. Sweating, light headedness, fainting attack, cold and calmy skin, sudden decrease in blood pressure and reeling of head and struggling to take breath etc.
We can keep our heart beating for a longer period, if try a little.

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