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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Professional’s Pain and the Remedy

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GHCA's Computer Lab Running Gentoo LinuxImage by Extra Ketchup via FlickrIn the world of information madness, computer professionals have to sit glued to their chairs for longer time. They usually get pain in neck, back and wrist. This occurs due to ill positioning of computer; unsuitable chair and table; and long hours of non-stop work. Drugs may not give permanent relief.
They may follow certain tips to remain free from pain.

  • The monitor should be positioned in such a manner so that the screen remains in a line with the eyes. That will decrease the neck pain.
  • Chair and table must be befitting to each other, so that
  1. Elbows rest on the hand of chair and key board remain at the same level. The person can type comfortably resting his elbows on the hand of chair.
  2. The mouse also needs to remain in the same level. A padding of sort should be there on the mouse pad so that the wrist comfortably rests on that.
  3. The height of chair and table be so adjusted that the person when sit straight on the chair, eyes remain in the line of screen.
  4. The chair needs to have back rest and fit to the normal curve of back.
  5. The knees should remain bent at 90 degrees, back of knee remaining a little outside from the edge of chair, while feet touching the ground.
  6. The hands of chair should pass inside the table top.
Besides these after working for one hour, one may get up for 10 minutes; move his neck, back and walk a few steps to relax the joints.
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