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Monday, September 13, 2010

Essentials About Mammogram

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 Mammogram is a low dose X-Rays imaging to know about the health of breast in female. These are of two types, screening and diagnostic. Screening mammography is employed when the person is apparently healthy and diagnostic, when performed over a patient having breast related complains.
Normal Mammogram

Screening mammography is advised after 40 years of age and may be done in two yearly interval. Recently there is war over mammography regarding the schedule. However, it is pertinent to undergo screening mammography after self examination of breast and in consultation with personal physician.
  • it is better to avoid mammography when the breast is swollen, apparently a week before and/or after periods.
  • On the day of mammography avoid using cosmetics over the area or other things that may cast shadow in mammogram.
  • Wear proper clothing, so that test can be taken up with minimal discomfort of taking out of dresses.
  • Keep adequate hydration.
  • Never be worried, it does not give pain; only a little discomfort of pressure of two plates those keep breast in place and flat.
Most of the screening tests yield negative result for cancer. It is said that if 1000 cases of mammography is taken 920 are negative; 80 are suspicious and after further examination 4 are cancers.
Newer modalities of tests to detect cancer of breast are coming up;
  • Molecular breast imaging (MBI), less radiation in comparison to standard mammogram.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); suitable for bulky or dense breasts
  • Ultrasonogram (USG).and
  • Position emission tomography (PET) and PETCT, mostly done in cases of recurrences. 

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