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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mammoghaphy for Breast Abscess

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 1:07 PM Comments

Breast absecss,Mammoghaphy

Breast abscess causes so much of pain that patients seeks treatment quickly. It also causes fever. But sometimes, particularly in India they come late to the appropriate doctor, getting treatment elsewhere.
Often they come with reports of fine needle aspiration as well as mammogram; though surgeons do not routinely recommend mammography in these cases. Aspiration is all that required to establish the diagnosis of breast abscess.
However, in some cases it is advised; and the image is a mammography of a case of breast abscess.
The most opaque or whitish part seen in the mammography image (In the upper part) is the abscess containing pus, that gives the density to the image. There is no micro calcification or distortion of breast tissue; suggestive cancer breast.
It is sometimes required to differentiate from cancer of breast, particularly in a little late cases, where the acute symptoms of breast abscess have subsided. In those cases the lesion feels like a hard and irregular mass.
Drainage is the treatment, repeated removal of the contents may be tried.
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