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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Painful Bleeding per Urethra can be due to Urinary Stone

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 6:58 PM Comments

Three-dimensional reconstructed CT scan image ...Image via WikipediaBleeding whether frank or small in amount, accompanied by pain either in urethra or in abdomen are the hallmarks of stone in urinary tract, technically called painful haematuria.
A stone usually forms in the kidney; but may form in urinary bladder. After formation in the kidney it descends down through the urinary tract. Sometimes it is struck en route, anywhere from ureter to urethra. Movement of stone causes pain and bleeding is from the mechanical effect.
According to location of the stone pain may be felt at a particular place in the abdomen. Its severity also depends on the location. A stone in the ureter, the collecting tube of urine causes maximum pain to be followed by a stone in urethra or urinary bladder.In kidney the pain is usually a constant moderate ache.
The very characteristic of pain due to stone in ureter makes the diagnosis easier. It follows a path from loin to groin or urethra; and is very severe; patient does not get comfort in may position; just rolls about.
Not rarely a stone passes out in urine giving relief from pain and bleeding to the patient.
Now-a-days, the diagnosis is very much easy due to advent of ultrasonogram. A plain x-rays may show a radiopaque shadow in the line of urinary system.There are many more investigations available to reach to the diagnosis of the root cause of stone formation and to know the health of urinary system.
Drinking as much of water that can give an urine output of about 1.5 to 2 liters/day is the priceless advice and the simplest way to prevent stone formation. But, seldom people follow this advice.
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