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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Synthetic Sperms for Infertility !

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Sperm of mice was successfully developed from tissue of mice that could create offspring through IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization).
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Let us wait for human sperm to be artificially made linking all those DNAs !
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Sperm grown in lab may cure male infertility

(CBS) - Who needs a man anyway? Scientists in Japan have successfully grown artificial sperm in a laboratory. This development could lead the way to someday discovering a cure to male infertility.
In an article published in the scientific journal "Nature," researchers at Yokohama City University cultivated tissue from baby mice and, over a period of several weeks, were able to create viable sperm from the tissue.
sperm grown in lab
The researchers used in vitro fertilization to produce twelve mice with the developed sperm. These babies eventually grew and were able to have young of their own, according to the report. This marks the first time that laboratory-produced sperm has led to healthy and long-lived offspring.
It is, as Dr. Pacey said, a small step in the path of creating viable sperm with human applications. As he told the Guardian, "It is clearly important to make sure that any sperm produced are safe and give rise to healthy offspring when used, and that they in turn have healthy offspring. We need to be cautious with this kind of work."

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