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Friday, April 15, 2011

Early Exercise in a Stable Patient after Heart Attack is Better

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:56 PM Comments

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It is typically advised to a patient of heart attack after the recovery to rest for at least for one month. That is also true after interventional therapy in form of stenting.
Now researchers advise the sooner the exercise the better is the outcome in a stable patient recovering from heart attack. The new study by researchers at the University of Alberta shows that for best results in stable patients after a heart attack, early exercise as well as prolonged exercise is the key to the best outcomes.
They had undertaken review of nearly 20 years of trial and concluded that in a stable patient exercise in a rehabilitation center should commence as early as after one week.
They say that the idea that heart needs more rest should be dispensed with. The study shows that, in fact, the heart will become better with exercise sooner and with continued exercise over a longer period of time.
Exercise in this study is defined as aerobic exercise in a group setting to build up exercise capacity. The researchers did not come across any detrimental effect of starting early exercise.
But, still perhaps many patients will not follow the advice out of fear. Here the role of physician will be important.
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