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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tornado Victims of Mossouri Die from Rare Disease

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It was the deadliest single tornado in more than half a century that hit Mossouri , and it adds to a season of particularly deadly tornadoes. Storms in the Midwest and South have killed hundreds of people in the last two months, and left millions of dollars of damage behind.

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The tornado, which struck around dinner time, crushed nearly a third of the city. It pounded about 2,000 buildings, knocked out power and cellphone service for many, and damaged water treatment and sewage plants.

The aftermath of it has also been more dangerous as diseases related to Tornado started counting their victims. Last Friday the toll was raised to 151. Some of them suffered from rare disease that infected their injuries.

Victims last month have become sickened by an uncommon, deadly fungal infection and at least three have died, although public health officials said Friday that a link between the infection and the deaths was not certain; quotes The New York Times.
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It could well be Mucormycosis, a rare and deadly fungal infection that commonly found in soil and affects immuno-compromised and diabetics.

Mucormycosis and similar fungal infections that enter the skin through puncture wounds can usually be prevented once a wound is disinfected in a hospital, but during natural disaster like this there is a genuine health care problem.

To contain the infection sometimes surgery is required to take out the heavily infected and damaged organ,; and simultaneous anti-fungal treatment with standard Amphotericin B
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