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Sunday, March 18, 2012

School Bags should not be More than 10% of the weight of Child Or Else can Cause Back Pain

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There has been movement to lessen the load of school bag in India. Many times children are burdened with excessive weight of school bag, so is the amount of task for home work; that is, at a time when they are also supposed to play more.

In addition to physical strain, it also puts mental strain; every parent now-a-days, want their child to top in the classroom, so is also the competition.
A study published in BBC says heavy school bags have been linked to higher levels of back pain in a Spanish school. It was conducted on  1,403 school children. 
It is recommended that school children should not carry anything which weighs more than 10% of their body weight. In the study measurements were taken from pupils aged 12-17 from 11 schools in Northern Spain. It showed that nearly two thirds of pupils had backpacks which broke the 10% rule.
The report said back pain was a bigger problem in school girls and that the risk increased with age. The authors concluded: "The results obtained have strong implications."
Children are also in the habit of carrying bags over just one shoulder. It is advised to carry only what is needed on any given day and ensure that backpacks are worn over both shoulders.

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