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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 6:31 AM 2 comments

A somewhat aged lady, attending her doctor with a history of a long standing black mole in the exposed part of body which has grown in size in the recent past to bleed on touch accompantied by some pain and is angry looking ,perhaps is describing a malignat melanoma , a form of skin cancer.
This is the warning sign of transformation of an innocent looking black naevus to a malignat melanoma.This type of skin cancer usualy occurs in white population living near tropics having long standing exposure to the ultra violet rays. We have hard about ozone layer coverig the earth and protecting us from the harhful effects of ultra violet sun light.Also we come across the news of holes in the ozone layer.The people of areas under the ozone holes are most commonly affected though no area or race is immune to it.
There are five type of malignat melanoma some are more aggressive and some are least. If such thing is noticed first of all a tissue diagnosis is sought for in order to confirm the diagnosis from similar looking non malignat conditions.
Surgery primary mode of treatment. Chemotherapy and immune modulators are also helpful.The outcome is not that grim.

malignat melanoma.

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Anonymous said...

I used to enjoy sunbathing when I was younger but I rarely sit in the sun now. It is often stronger than we think.

CJ xx

drppanda said...

Sun bathing especially in the morning is also required for Vit.D synthesis in the body.But excessive specially under the ozone hole areas may prove bad.There is a big ozone hole over Australia.OK.

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