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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 8:04 PM Comments

In Sanskrit it is said that " BUBHUKSHU KIM NA KAROTI PAPAM".This means hunger struck person does know what is wrong and what is right ,can go to any extent to do the sin to feed his family.
And that is what world witnesses in some parts of it,Somalia as for example.Most of hunger are due to laziness of the persons themselves. But some are beyond their control eg. war and natural calamities.In Oriya there is a proverb " PRAJARA DOSA RAJA MUNDARE" means the faults of people automatically goes to the king. That means the emperor is responsible for the plight of it's people. So in hungers which are beyond individual control are due to the king's fault.The citizen has to bear the brunt .
What needed is the futuristic and pro-active measures to tackle an anticipated situation.Famines can be controlled to some extent if not in totality.War can be avoided. But in case of internal violence in a disturbed state control of situation is very very difficult. I think that is the area where UN should come to the picture.
But that may not be easily carried out due to the pressure of some selfish states.
I believe if the concept of one world one state is established which again I say is difficult but not impossible ,there will be no hunger.And that is to be made possible be The UN

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