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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:25 AM 2 comments

We could not made it possible to attend the welcome ceremony of the addition of a cute little to the family of my neice observed on 30th day of her birth.Thanks to the Tatamotors hospital who gave their final touch.The mega event had attracted a number of visitors.However due to some strange coincidence we attended her around 60 days of her birth.My surprise new no bounds to see that my neice is taking her care like a grandma.
Since the newborn human being is the most helpless creature of God needs utmost care starting from head to of hair,nose,mouth and tongue,ear,skin and especially the neck folds,nails,cleanliness and feeding etc.

Coming to feed there are so many talks,the best being breast feeding continued up to weaning.The first yellow milk colostrum, variously named in villages of India,, one being witch milk is usually discarded but this contains a host of immunity boosters to resolve a number security and defense related problems of the newborn. This is a must for any newborn.A scheduled feeding at an interval of about three to four hours till 10 PM can be intelligently converted to demand feeding.No milk secretion is some times a wonderful excuse for external feeding, should be discouraged.An additional benefit of breast feeding is that it prevents breast cancer in mother to a larger extent.If at all external feeding is sought the advice of your pediatrician is by far the best but as it is said in India, if you need mother can make cow your mother ( Cow=GOMATTA in Hindi.)which means cow's milk is the next alternative for baby.However it has to be diluted in different strengths according to age of infant.
After each feed the baby should be put on mother's shoulder and gently thumped to eliminate the gases inadvertently sucked in, so that distension of stomach does not occur.While feeding one should keep vigil so that no milk enters the ear to set a middle ear infection .If baby vomits the head should be turned to one side so that everything escapes out and not sucked into the respiratory system causing serious consequences.
Weaning is shifting to other foods from breast feeding is to be started as early as five to six month of age. Though important is not practiced correctly in India even in the educated ones due to various customs.The shifting to other food should be smooth starting from addition of cooked curry water and pulses, lightly cooked fruits such as apples,juices,boiled egg yolk to easily digestible rice and the baby should be sharing home cooked food by the age of 1 year.
Regarding food to be taken by mothers, in India even in these days so many restrictions are in vogue. Those are being discarded gradually in favor of an expert advice.
Applying certain things to the skin of newborns in India such as a black pigment called KAJAL (in Hindi) specially to the eye lids may prove deleterious.
Having said this I presumed that the delivery is a hospital one or supervised one.Because a lot of unhealthy practices are followed in rural India during delivery.
Apart from these immunization schedule is to be adhered to and the lapses due to various reasons should be brought to the notice of attending pediatrician for corrective measures.
I saw that my neice is much educated in baby care and may not need much advice. We enjoyed the stay very much in the place of my co-brother in Tatanagar. In this period I launched firefox web browser in their laptop.The version was 3.0.9 and to-day I find updates to 3.1.00.So it need to be updated.That is very easy .Just one has to look for help menu located right to tools menu above the space for url in the opened firefox web browser.On clicking it one will see updates and clicking that sets the process to motion.Following the instruction will complete the updates.
I hope that the tips in nutshell will trigger the process of learning in new mothers regarding childcare as a new user to firefox in updating his browser.

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