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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:04 AM Comments

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I do not know who named the hurricane"Aila" but in oriya it maens "came" and that came and went away leaving behind it's mark in form of devastations in Orissa and West Bengal in india and Bangledesh.That also weakened the the advancing south west monsoon to delay it's arrival in advance to this part of world.And it is extremely hot and humid here.I cut short my walking time by five minutes due to unbearable heat and sweating.My fingers are sweating to make the keys wet.
So now if I ask you how do you cut your nail and brush your teeth, it will sound silly.But believe me there is 90% chance that you may end up in giving a wrong answer.Many come to me with ulcers on their nail bed to be diagnosed as in-growing nails may it be finger or toe.That is due to faulty trimming of nail.Long nails look nice in the fingers especially in females.
Unfortunately the nail ends are cut in a semi-circular manner in many giving rise to corners going deep in to the nail bed .That causes an in-growing nail and consequently an ulcer.So it should cut in a straight manner well out side the pulp or nail bed so that the corners are well out side the nail bed and can not bury into it.That has a good look also.

My second question must get answered .Teeth should be brushed  starting  from the gingival side to the tip of teeth and repeated  all the times so that the dirt comes out.If done in a reverse manner all the dirt go into the gingival fold and raises the fold from the teeth .That may result in tarter or calculus deposit around the teeth.Brushing should be at least twice a day after meals and a soft brush be used and changed if damaged .There is no need to emphasize that a good quality tooth paste is also required.

Are you doing these correectly.Is it helpful ?

cutting nail and brushing teeth

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