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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:17 AM Comments

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It was a breaking news in one of of the TV channel "The Headlines Today" in India that milk is adulterated in most of Northern parts of India.Allegedly artificial milk is being prepared by mixing urea,detergents and some other things which constitutes about70% of total milk.This is not the first time news anyway because such news had already been seen by me in some other channel, probably in "The India Tv" some one to two years back.
Govt.Of India spokes person expressed his inability in the media to curb it, stating it to be a state subject and finished their duty by informing the state Govt. only.
This sort of apathy is only possible in india.The so called morality and integrity are lacking starting from the grass root level.Evrybody thinks it will affect somebody else not him.
Only I can suggest those having no cow or no access to see actual milking process should avoid taking milk and milk products.But I do not know what to suggest for babies depending on cow's milk,probably shift to baby foods!!!

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