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Friday, June 5, 2009


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Dysuria,the painful micturition is very distressing and if added to it frequent urination with fever makes the patient's condition miserable.And these are hallmark of urinary tract infection.Urinary tract includes right from kidneys to to urethra.It is commonly due to bacterial infection and females predisposed to it due to proximity of urethra to the anus.E.Coli, the organism present in feces is isolated frequently now-a-days.Gonorrheal  and syphilitic infections are also seen but less than before because of rampant use of good antibiotics.Some thing called honeymoon cystitis occurs after first honeymoon in females infecting the urinary bladder. Another source of contacting infection is door handle of common toilets at community places.
Commonly urine is subjected to microscopic examination which may reveal number of pus cells and sometimes red blood cells.Culture and sensitivity of urine will give information about suitable antibiotic required.
 A little long term use of antibiotics in female is recommended  .Though it is cured without any sequel but in gonorrheal  infection complications like narrowing of urethra called stricture of urethra and other systemic complication do occur.Syphilis is more notorious for causing more dreaded complications even involve the central nervous system.

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