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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Posted by Prahallad Panda on 8:44 PM Comments

Monitoring the status of diabetes is most important.Many of my patients when asked about the recent value of their blood glucose would give a strange reply.That is I am taking medicines and my ulcer is healing nicely and I do not feel anything bad.These are good personal assessment nevertheless one should go for  regular check up of blood glucose at least in an interval of six months after stabilization .Sometimes blood glucose remains above the strict control level and below the overt level and may not give much of symptoms. And silently eat into the system.
   Monitoring the Glycosilated haemoglobin level once in six months will give a correct idea about the blood glucose level in the last three months. The idea is that when blood glucose level memains constantly above the normal value it gets attached to the haemoglobin inside the red blood cells and that is reflected in the estimation.In addition to it glucometer of good brand can be used to self monitor the glucose level which gives a near normal value .If somthig is suspected from it the glucose level should be confirmed in a good laboratory.
In addition to it estimation of fat component in the blood is also important as this is the friend of high blood glucose level .Together they work out to give the patient a heart attack.

Monitoring of glycosilated haemoglobin level ,blood glucose level in a glucometer and estimation of blood lipids will go hand in hand with a good control of diabetes mellitus.
We call it diabetes mellitus because there is something called diabetes insipidus and renal  diabetes(glycosuria).We will see them later. 

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