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Friday, July 3, 2009


Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 7:20 AM Comments

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We know that windows XP when connected to the internet requires anti-virus protection.It needs cleaner as it downloads many unnecessary files while online to swells up making it slow down. Also needs anti-spy in it's minimum.The so called popular clients for it require a lot of price and recurring expense.
But it can be run without a price tag.Here are the tips of course, from my experience and you are suppose to verify your own before jumping to agree with my proposition.Perhaps we do not know or forget that XP comes with protection of firewall and to it Windows Defender (provided by Microsoft for free) can be added.This will solve many purposes.The windows has also inbuilt Disk Cleaner and defragmmentor ,will be found following start~all program~accessory~system tools~disk cleaner/defragmentor.
If a tardy and smart cleaner required, one provided by Piriform Ccleaner can be downloaded free of cost from be used.Also a smart defragmmentor ,defraggler can be used from that site.Also a wonderful defragmmentor from ,Smart defragmmentor can be downloaded free and be used.A windows system care free version available from the same can be downloaded and used having various features.
The main concern an anti-virus is most crucial many free products are available but have limited features ,amongst them home editions from Avasti,Avg and Avira are available.But by far the PandaCloud anti-virus is very good in the sense that it is free to use,does not require daily database update so the downloads and also effectively neutralizes viruses when connected to the internet.
Another free application Spybot search and destroy can be used for periodical scan of PC to free up many spywares.Threatfire free available from PcTools can be used for online protection from spyware and trojans.Another online spyware protector COMODO BOClean can be used for free.The anniversary edition from Lovasoft Free for Ad-Ware can be used for free.

To all these one should add an Addon to firefox web browser WOT which will protect you from going to dangerous sites having bad reputation .

I think the advertises for different anti-virus and other products are only hype.
Now you are ready to run and maintain your Windows XP for free.

I am using these with best and satisfactory result.You may have your own experience .

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