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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Right lower Abdominal Pain In Ladies-4

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 9:18 PM 1 comments

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                       Right lower abdominal pain in ladies may come from an infection in the fallopian tubes .Fallopian tubes are simply called tubes which are connected to uterus in the middle  and freely open in the outer sides to receive an ovum.These are also called salpinx.These many a times get infected from outside through vagina and uterus .Some times gets infected from blood borne infection from some other infection.This infection is usually bacterial or bacteria like organisms and called Salpingitis.If it is in the right side may confuse with an appendicitis.It may also occur both the sides at the same time.The patient complains of pain in the middle to lower abdomen ,fever vomiting etc.. 

Fallopian Tube AnatomyImage via Wikipedia
  In that case though there is some confusion still clinical differentiation is possible.This pain and elicited pain on pressure is more towards the center and in appendicitis it is more towards out side.The sequence of a classic appendicitis e.g. pain, vomiting and fever pattern is not present.A history of  vaginal discharge,  usually foul smelling may be present.A  pelvic examination will differentiate it.A swab collected from there will prove it pathologically.An ultrasonography will aid the diagnosis.
   So here a non-surgical treatment is followed and   a gynecologist takes over the case.

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