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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Birds Eye View On Proteins

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 9:12 PM 1 comments

Structure générale d'un acide aminé.Common Structure of Amino Acid
     To-day a medical representative started a discussion on a protein preparation launched by his company.I saw that he is singing like a parrot.Some clarifications sought from him was not provided.So I thought it will be appropriate to have a birds eye view on proteins.
       We know that proteins are the the main constituent of building blocks of body.These are the compound of nitrogen,carbon,oxygen,hydrogen and sulpher in varying amounts.These build and repair cells,build enzymes and provide energy and many more.These consist of amino acids.There are about 22 amino acids present in human.Eight of them are called essential as are not synthesized in the body.They are to be supplemented from out side source.These are Leucine,isoleucine,valine,threonine,phenylalanine tryptophan,tyrosine and histidine to name a few.

A fried egg, sunny side up.Image via Wikipedia
  There are two sources of protein, namely animal and vegetable.Animal sources are superior to plant sources as because those resemble the protein of human.Best protein is that which are easily digestible,easily assimilated to body,contain essential amino acids  and match to the protein present in human.Out of animal sources egg is by far the best and threfore called first class protein.Meat,fish and milk come after that.Plant source proteins do not contain all amino acids and may not assimilate fully.These are present in pulses,cereals,nuts and oil seeds.Groundnut is a good and cheap source of protein.So,it is named as poor man's protein.
    Protein energy malnutrition is a common problem in the developing countries.It need to be addressed more aggressively.   
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