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Monday, September 14, 2009

Scabies and Nephritis

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 7:50 PM 3 comments

Scabies on the HandScabies
         Scabies is a problem in the developing countries specially in rural areas of India.It is contagious disease and spreads rapidly in the school going children. I hope that everybody has seen this disease and diagnosed.It appears as tiny itchy blisters and spreads rapidly to the surrounding skin and to far off skin.It commonly affects the web spaces of fingers,groin,extremities and trunk.It is caused by a itch mite called sarcoptus scabi.This organism burrows into the pores near hair root and matures there to lay eggs.As the victim scratches the affected area the eggs come to nail and spread to other areas.Scabies if gets infected by bacteria specially streptococci it enlarges in size with pus formation.These bacteria liberates a toxin which may cause nephritis.Nephritis is a bad disease which tortures the patient.

Close-up photo of a scabies burrow. The large ...Close Up Of a scabies burrow.
            So,it goes without saying that scabies should be treated adequately. 
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3 Responses so far:

Tricia said...

So gross. I first heard of this when I was young but never knew anything about it. It's definately something I would not like to get. Very interesting.

drppanda said...

I hope people from USA specially ladies like you might not suffer from it.

Anonymous said...

wow i went to the doctor and he told me i had a rash but i got this by looking at the pics its totaly what i have

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