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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Computer and Neck Pain

Posted by Dr Prahallad Panda on 10:44 AM Comments

365 Days Project - Day 151 - Pain in the neck!Neck Pain
                   Computer professionals more often complain of neck pain.They sought for drug treatment.Treatment with drugs are a short term solution. These persons never understand that the problem lies elsewhere.And if they are entitled for free treatment then they think that the doctor is avoiding to prescribe medication.I often advise them to check for microsoft health first given in their web site. Postural  defect plays a major role in neck pain and also in backache.Most working places are not equiped with optimal settings for comfortale working on computer.It has been told time and again to adhere to some of the standards.So there is nothing new in to-day's discission.Still it is better to repeat.
                            The sitting chair should be of medical grade i.e. the chair has a support at waist region with a convexity.The chair should be of such a height that while sitting the legs of the worker can comfortably go beneath the table.It should have hands to support the forearms of the worker in such a manner that the the key board remains at a comfortable level.Table should be of good height so that the monitor of PC remains at the level of eyes.If using a speck should be of correct power to see the monitor at a particular distance where he is comfortable.It may not be possible to use the same speck which he or she uses at all other times.

                           Apart from these the person should stand for a while after working for one hour and stretch. He should move neck in different directions to relax the muscles.He should sit straight on the chair and may have a cushion.He should use firm bed.A pillow of low height is suitable for use while sleeping on sides.May not use pillow in a supine position.

  The monitor of the computer should preferably be covered with an ultraviolet rays filtering screen.Surrounding lighting should be optimal i.e. no excess or no dim.
                            I hope following these tips will keep neck and and back bone pain away at least in a majority profesionals.    
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