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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swelling of Both the Legs

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 8:41 PM Comments

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Diabetes mellitus if uncontrolled or poorly controlled can cause a lot of problem.Even the employees of public sector undertakings in India those who get a free treatment facility from their employer do not bother to get it optimally controlled.I think diabetes mellitus carries a stigma.People hesitate to confess that they are suffering from it.Some think that taking drugs for it is not good as one has to continue it for good.Some other think that taking insulin is not good as has to take it all time to come.
To-day, I saw somebody coming with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus and swelling of both the legs down from the knees.The person it so orthodox that he has burnt his thighs above the knees by hot iron in order to get cured from the swelling down.Consequently has got non healing ulcer to the existing uncontrolled diabetes.
Diabetes affects kidneys and damage it to cause a chronic renal failure.Here the legs are swollen alon with all other features due to accumulation of toxic products generated from the body metabolic processes.In the long run one may need a dialysis and a kidney transplant.

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