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Sunday, June 27, 2010

How To Correct Display Problem in Desktop PC

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:22 PM Comments

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It is my experience; my desktop sometimes stops after displaying only the of my computer manufacturer and does not go further to display the windows. I have identified two problems and started clearing those before my service engineer supported those and I call them if I fell. Of course, there can be  several causes including hard disk failure, best known to technical persons.
  1. One is low RAM, where the system opens very slowly, particularly when many programs are loaded in the PC; it also hangs frequently.
  2. The second one is RAM catching dirt especially in India, where residential PCs are not run in air-conditioned environment.
The cure is very simple, if anybody knows simple things like opening up the the CPU and a little technical minded;
  1. For the first category of defect, one additional RAM can be purchased according to the specifications and put in the slot provided; usually one extra slot is provided in CPU.
  2. For the second defect, the RAM can be removed from the slot and the lower end is cleaned with a soft clean cloth. Usually the cloth will clean the dirt, which can be seen as blacked patch on it.
Of course, the power should be off to the PC.
Many times, I have adopted the procedure and got the result. It may work or may not for others. I do not recommend it to be used by others..    
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