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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Inflammation Clue to Disc Degenarative Disease

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Disc degenerative disease causing back pain radiating from waist to foot in the back side, what is loosely called sciatica, is seen in many especially after about 35 years. The compression part is well established, but the researchers point a finger towards inflammatory mediator.

Inflammation Clue to Disc Degenarative Disease

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The discovery is believed to be a first, Richardson tells WebMD. ”This is the first paper to identify IL-17 in patients with disc herniation and disc degeneration. It suggests that IL-17 may be a mediator for disc herniation and the inflammatory pain associated with that, and also with disc degeneration.”
“There appear to be two components to sciatica; one is mechanical compression [when the disc pushes out through the tear], the other is inflammatory,” Richardson says.
In looking for specific inflammatory substances, they found IL-17 was found in more than 70% of the diseased tissues but rarely or modestly in healthy tissues.
It’s already known that  IL-17 contributes to the chronic inflammation seen in psoriasis vulgaris, the bone resorption problem in rheumatoid arthritis and gum disease, and in the intestinal disorder Crohn’s disease, Oegema writes in the editorial.

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