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Friday, July 2, 2010

Genes For Alopesia

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 7:41 PM Comments

Again it is claimed that genes are linked to alopesia, they direct immnune cells to surround the hair follicles t o keep them dermant.
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Genes Tied to Hair Loss Disorder

Findings may pave way for new treatments for alopecia areata, researchers say
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Among the eight genes, one in particular -- ULBP3 -- has been shown to attract toxic cells that can invade and destroy an organ. In a person without alopecia, ULBP3 is turned off. But in people with alopecia, ULBP3 proteins are plentiful in the follicle.

"In people with alopecia areata, we see a huge expression of the ULBP3 gene in the outermost layer of the follicle," Christiano said. "ULBP3 is a danger signal that signals to T cells to come in and attack the follicle. It's like putting nectar on the hair follicle, then the 'bees' come in and do their damage."

When the follicle is attacked, the hair falls out. If the T cells remain, which they do in alopecia areata, the follicle goes dormant.

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