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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Good Breakfast is Healthier

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 10:26 AM Comments

Perhaps, breakfast came from breaking the fast of about eight to ten hours of night’s sleep. Fasting, as we know, in India is taken up during a protest or strike. Ladies in this part of country take up fast for various customs or religious reasons. Men also take some fast. It is said that occasional fast is good for health by reducing some calorie. I do not know, whether it is helpful to take a heavy food after this fasting as regards reducing weight.
It is said in this part of world;”Eat like a prince in the morning, like a king in the lunch and like a beggar at night”. I fully approve it and nutrition specialist also agree with it but put it in a little different way.
A good balanced breakfast does many good things for the body and mind;

  • It kick starts metabolism providing required calories to start up in the morning.
  • It empties the gall bladder from the stored and concentrated bile to the intestine for digestive process to begin. It has been seen that skipping breakfast is associated with gall bladder stone and other gall bladder diseases. This is probably due to stagnation of concentrated bile, which may sediment and settle down as sludge; and in the process help in formation of stones. Most of stones are cholesterol stones; and some are mixed stones of different chemicals and minerals.
  • It provides required calorie and satisfies hunger. It has been seen that a good breakfast prevents
Breakfast - By the time I got around to eating...Image by c.a.muller via Flickr
diabetes to some extent. It may be that, skipping breakfast increases more hunger and encourages the person for frequent interval eating and that to mostly junk foods. It unknowingly adds to calorie, thereby increasing the body weight and contributing to obesity. As we know, obesity is a prominent cause of diabetes II. Sedentary lifestyle of this age also adds fuel to the fire.
    Let us not skip breakfast from now. If taking good break from fast, keep it up for health and happiness.
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