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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What can Cause Pain and Numbness in the Inner side of Forearm?

Posted by Prahallad Panda on 1:53 PM Comments

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One girl came complaining to me that she is having pain and numbness in the inner side of her forearm since 15 days with gradual decrease in intensity. The pain is very boring, burning and shooting type in character. The girl was a student and recently appeared a semester examination.
Personally, I had suffered from such problem sometime back in 1993 during my post-graduate career. I felt it suddenly in a fine morning. So, the diagnosis for that girl did not take time. Of course, there is nerve involvement, and that is the ulnar nerve. This nerve takes a very superficial position while passing the elbow. One can feel it just below the inner prominence of the elbow, in the groove. The mechanism is very straight forward, it has received some compression injury. While reading and writing, one keeps his/her elbow on the table with a bend inwards. That exposes the ulnar nerve, a tough nerve to get sandwiched between the elbow bone and the hard surface of a table.
So, that is a ulnar nerve pain. It causes numbness and pain in the inner side of forearm, where it is responsible to carry the sensation. There can be other causes too. Leprosy, an ugly disease, also affects this nerve frequently.
This compression injury is very much self-limiting and gets cured after the triggering factor is removed i.e. the practice of writing is modified to see that the nerve remains safe. Some B group of vitamins and methylcobalamin in particular help to heal it. This goes away, perhaps in 15 day.
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